UPDATE: Urgent Prayer Call!!!!

UPDATE: Thank you to everyone that prayed and continue to pray and stand for Dara’s total healing! She is improving. Check out the latest update.

Attention Saints of the Most High God!

There is an urgent need for prayer right now! There is a child named Dara who is in the hospital with an extremely high fever that is unexplained. Regardless of the cause, we must pray for her deliverance and the family’s strength and peace! So please pray!

Father in the name of Jesus! We come to you petitioning Dara’s complete healing and deliverance. You have assured us in your Word that we can come to you and you will hear us. So Father, according to the measure of faith you have placed within us, we stand on your Word and will for her healing.

I speak to her body and say, be well and whole in Jesus’ name! Fever leave now! The very thing that is causing this condition, I break your power right now in Jesus’ name! The Bible teaches us that: healing is the children’s bread; Jesus bore our sicknesses and diseases; you heal all of our diseases; you will restore health to our bodies and you sent your word and healed and delivered us! So we believe and receive it now!

Also, I speak peace and strength to her family now! Comfort them and give them the assurance that the Word works and we can trust you regardless of the circumstances! Show the doctors what they need to know and guide them along the way.

Now Father, on the authority of your word and upon the eternal blood of Jesus–I plead the blood on this curse of sickness and call her healed in the name of Jesus! Thank you Lord for the victory!




Sebastian is a Christian, Author and Church Leadership trainer. His ministry calling, love for God, and His people; has led him into ministry of all types for over thirty years. He and his wife enjoy helping people in their walk of faith and finding solutions to the struggles of life, especially in the area of healing and marriage. Faith1st Blog is designed to open and continue the discussion on the subject of biblical "faith" as a "living" element of the Christian life. - "the just shall live by faith" - Habakkuk 2:4; Romans 1:17; Galatians 3:11; Hebrews 10:38 (KJV).

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48 comments on “UPDATE: Urgent Prayer Call!!!!
  1. Sebastian, I just reblogged, our Abba Father always answers Prayer! AMEN! James


  2. Noel Williams (prhayz) www.prhayz.com says:

    Greetings my brother! I join the community in prayer with oneness of heart.

    Father in heaven, thou art a deliverer, a healer and a miracle worker. You work in mysterious ways–ways none of us understand. Lord, I pray for your healing touch on Dara. Make every part of her body function the way you designed it. Wherever there is anything out of balance, set it in perfect working order. Heal her of any disease, illness, injury, infirmity, or weakness. Lord, Your holy Word, tell us that anything we ask Your father in Your name, you will grant. I claim victory on behalf of Dara in Jesus’s name.


  3. Reblogged this on Men of One Accord and commented:
    When there is a need to pray the Men of One of One Accord must respond, with Yes we Shall. Would all who read this blog join with us in One Accord for Dara?


  4. whenquiet says:

    Reblogged this on Whenquiet's Blog and commented:
    Pray for Dara!


  5. whenquiet says:

    Whenever three or more gather together in my name, there I am also. In the name of Jesus, allow the family of Dara to bow and release heaviness via the humble act of forgiveness…Lord, surround Dara with your light, protection, and grace. I remain in prayer. God bless you, Sebastian!


  6. thoughtsfromanamericanwoman says:



  7. loopyloo305 says:

    Praying for God to intercede, God bless!


  8. Standing with you in prayer for Dara and her family.


  9. Freedomborn says:

    We will be praying Sebastian with you for Dara and her family, of course we do not know her alloted time on earth, God does but we do know that nothing can take away eternal Life in Christ Jesus for all small Children or for us as His heart Children or can anything seperate us or them from God’s Love and we will be with Him eternally regardless of the length of our time on earth.

    We will be praying for Dara untill we hear from you – Christian Love Anne.


  10. Sebastian, It has taken me some time to get back to you after I read the request for Dara. I wanted to mobilize the Men of One Accord first, we are one with you in Prayer. AMEN! James


  11. Amen!!! I come in agreement with you in Jesus name!!


  12. Sebastian says:

    Amen Sir!! Thank you!!



    My Friend, I am in total agreement with you on your prayer request. There is power in prayer and God has already instituted the healing. I am believing she is experiencing God’s awesome present over her body and the power of healing is strengthen her from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet. I am proclaiming complete wellness right now in Jesus name. AMEN!!!


  14. Agreeing with you in prayer for Dara. Looking to hear of the good report.


  15. I come in agreement with you Sebastian and all who pray for little Dara.
    I cast out the spirit of infirmity in her body in the name of Jesus!




  17. John Liming says:

    I am entering this prayer request into my prayer file and I believe that God will act on it immediately under His Word of Assurance. We do not know what the outcome will be but we do know whatever it is it will be good because God has said that all things work together for good unto those who love God and are called according to His purposes. It may not be the kind of answer we are looking for, but it will be the answer that best positions everyone concerned in God’s Plan for their lives both on earth and in Eternity. I am going to petition God for the miracle of physical healing of course on the authority of “Whatsoever ye ask In my name believing, ye shall receive.” (The authority of The Lord, Jesus Christ about whom I am pleased to bear testimony as The Lord.)

    So I am saying right now before Almighty God and the whole world, my ideal day will be the day when I hear that Dara has been completely healed of whatever it is that is afflicting her and I am dating that statement of my desire as August 27,2012 and now I await and expect the miracle from His Merciful Hand.


  18. Hi Sebastian; I ‘am going to believe God for a miracle for this child… Blessings.. Bro Pat.


  19. Lyn Leahz says:

    I most certainly will. I reblogged this on my main website. God bless you.


  20. Lyn Leahz says:

    Reblogged this on Lyn Leahz and commented:
    This is an urgent prayer request for a child. Please pray and pass this on if you would.


  21. Agreeing with you in prayer for Dara’s healing, Sebastian!


  22. fgassette says:

    AMEN! I join you in lifting Dara up to the healing power of our Lord. We speak it, we believe it. It is done!



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